SENTIAGPR was formed from Corentin-International Ltd. Three directors identified strong synergy and decided to form SENTIAGPR Ltd going forward in a new direction. SENTIAGPR Ltd is incorporated in Ireland to future proof Brexit and to provide an international platform outside of the United Kingdom.

SENTIAGPR Ltd identifies itself is a cyber resilience entity forging partnerships with leading technology companies and developing synergistic relationships with those companies, to produce innovative industry technology solutions. SENTIAGPR Ltd is currently involved with governmental organisations developing security and resilience projects, incorporating open source intelligence monitoring and evolving security capability in the fight against terrorism and human trafficking.

SENTIAGPR Ltd is working in partnership with major corporations providing technological and innovative solutions to manage costs and increase efficiency. Examples of this include secure document control, such as access and management control of sensitive documents without sending them. Artificial Intelligence solutions incorporating bio metric access control systems and the support of access and egress of security staff at high volume venues. The company is deliberately small and lean with no conventional company footprint to ensure it is agile and can move quickly to the demands of the market.

This unique approach, along with the depth of knowledge and expertise of SENTIAGPR has encouraged significant attention from established global companies forging strong partnerships on developing projects.

Products & Services

Document & Ticket Control

CCTV Facial

Security Scan

Profile & Geo Location Validation