Advanced Security Scan

Gatekeeper™ is a first-of-its-kind fully automated high-speed visitor screening solution, integrating walkthrough firearm and explosive detection with facial recognition for high throughput event and soft target protection. The system is capable of detecting both metallic and non-metallic threats concealed on an individual and allows personal belongings to be left in pockets.

The capability of the system is between 600 – 950 people per hour, less than 5 seconds per scan. The system has multiple detection sensitivity settings to respond to different threat scenarios, therefore can be tailored to each venue or event and the threat/risk profile. The system gives an improved guard experience utilising easy, automated red light/green light scan results with localised alert notification. The built-in cameras allow for positive scan results, visitor correlation and captures the facial images of visitors matching them against a locally defined database. The entire system is self-contained, the only requirement is wall power. The system is mobile and easily relocatable, 30 minutes or less from set up to screening

Profile & Geo Location Validation

A real time social media & open source monitoring platform with the capability for custom integration of almost any data source.  In the modern day of social media, data about an event is in the public domain before the press and government agencies have acquired it. In this century, with a smart phone every person is their own news feed.  Combining years of knowledge of data platforms and digital media development, we have used our industry experience to develop a real time social media monitoring platform for and not limited to:

• Travel Risk & Safety
• Corporate Risk, Crisis & Security
• Reputation & Regulation
• Public Relations Management

This has included developing and supporting content, text and audio-visual management projects for major corporations and public-sector bodies. Utilising real time social media listening technology, our system can be dynamically streamlined to integrate potentially within any existing workflow.

The latest news and emerging trends can often be discovered through social media sources first. Combining this with the powerful real time social media monitoring capabilities, content can be discovered, analysed, collected and shared in minutes.  

Benefits of Vertus™            
• Monitor & filter any API data source            
• Realtime or Historic            
• Review & refine data
• Up to 167 languages            
• Visualise post content
• Relationship charting and nalysis
• People search
• Spike/anomaly alerts & emerging trends;
• Cloud or local install
• Robust security

This service is available either as a managed or stand-alone software and can be run as either a native (installed application) or web-based system.

The uses for facial recognition spans over a multitude of sectors and industries but is predominantly used in security. The online API is cloud based and is easily to integrated and implemented with other software and systems.

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